Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your search for love? This coaching program offers a transformative 7-week journey to help you overcome obstacles and attract the love you truly desire. It goes beyond typical dating advice, focusing on inner change and self-discovery to prepare you for a deep, meaningful connection. If you're ready to join me in this life-changing experience, book your complimentary Discovery Session today and begin the journey to manifest the love of your life!

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Calling in “the One” Coaching

Discover the power of visualization and the law of attraction with my “Calling in ‘the One’” Coaching program! This transformative 7-week journey, based on Katherine Woodward Thomas's groundbreaking book, is designed to help you attract and manifest the love of your life. Through meditation, rituals, and intention, we'll work together to remove the barriers blocking love from entering your life.

Discover the power of visualization and the law of attraction with Calling in the One Coaching Program

During our time together, we will explore topics such as -

  • Making space for love
  • Letting go of the past
  • Healing the hungry heart
  • Clarifying your soul’s purpose
  • Cultivating solitude
  • Savouring the waiting
  • Speaking up
  • Areas of growth for transitioning from being single to being in a couple